My Small Business Saturday Blogging Competition Winner Part 2


How to maximise on Small Business Saturday in 2017

Hopefully, you have read my previous posts pertaining to my Small Business Saturday Competition.

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In part 2, I want to share with you some of the tips you can employ, to help you maximise on Small Business Saturday 2017.

  • Build your database. Throughout the year you would have received calls, enquires and definitely sales.  Remember to capture and store safely and appropriately basic details of these interactions.  Collate first and last name, along with email address and maybe mobile numbers.  You can use tools like Mailchimp or Constant Contact to help you manage this process.  On the next Small Business Saturday you can reward those customers for their loyalty, with a special offer or discount.
  • Share your story with your local press. Connect with the local media and let them know about any special activities you have going on for local residents.
  • Do your research. See what your local council or MP is doing to encourage customers to your area.  I personally travelled from Essex to Streatham, because of something I saw on Facebook from  their local MP.
  • Share your story with your sector press. Within your sector there are always publications which are read by fans and enthusiasts of your sector. Share your story and offers with them.
  • Show off that you are part of the campaign. Small Business Saturday UK is about energising local economies.  If you have a High Street presence, put up posters so that people can identify you as part of the campaign.  On that day, many people are deliberately seeking small businesses to support.
  • Collaborate.  With other small businesses.  Host an event or sponsor something to help a specific sector within your community.  This demonstrates the power of successful small businesses within your community.
  • Work with Bloggers.  Do not underestimate the power of working with bloggers to help you spread the word and increase brand awareness.
  • Make it obvious. Plan your 2017 Small Business Saturday activities.  It is a day to celebrate, so make it obvious, and make your store extra welcoming and engaging.
  • Don’t be afraid to run out of stock. This is an opportunity to take additional orders, capture details and deliver later

There are also national press coverage and campaigns for you to be part of.  Visit Small Business Saturday website for details and additional tips.



Deep in thought

I hope you enjoyed this two part post of my Small Business Saturday Challenge and Competition.

These tips were generated through my own personal experience on Saturday 3rd December 2016.

I have been spurred on to make this an annual campaign and I already have friends, who want to participate with me. If you want to nominate a business, follow me on any of my socials or here to find out when the details for entry are released.  Hi, my name is Nicola and this is my blog.  Enjoy!


One thought on “My Small Business Saturday Blogging Competition Winner Part 2

  1. I didn’t discover it was Small Business Saturday until Saturday! That said, there are tips here that are really useful reminders at any time and I’ll diary it for next year. Thanks


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