First they came ….

As you celebrate this Christmas holiday, I reflect on conversations I have had over the past few days about international politics.  Brexit, Trump, Syria and even Cuba.

At this time of change, people are feeling uncomfortable. For many, this feels like uncertain times; the personal changes that will occur in their lives, the anticipation of pain in their lives, the frustration at the lack of control.

However, I believe that this time in history is your opportunity for greatness.  It does not have to be celebrity/fame greatness (unless that is what you want), it is a greatness of self-awareness.  I have a strong belief in a person’s personal power and I believe that this moment – this time in history, is a perfect excuse and reason to propel yourself into a life that builds and does not destroy you.

Of course, I know that to be in the position to make a difference, it takes bravery and courage, because, in demanding change, you are confronting the status quo of inertia; a willingness to accept the current situation and having a feeling hopelessness.  However, for me that is not acceptable, you can and must do your best.

Do you remember or know the poem First they came … 


Many people complain that the demise of our society is in a large part down to the ‘ruling classes‘.  I disagree.  The demise of our society in a large part is down to our own sliding scale of acceptance.  Our personal inability to recognise our inner power and the grace we have to create change,  So as you live each day and believe that you deserve better, figure out what better looks like for you and start the process of achieving it.
My personal final thoughts
Deep in thought
Deep in thought

If you want to see a difference in your life, please stop and consciously think about what you really want to see in your world and life and then go about the process of making it happen.

Do you really think it is easier said than done?  REALLY? 

Well try not living your life and see how that feels?

Do not allow your power to die with you.  Take action and take control of the possibilities of what you can create today!

My name is Nicola and this is my blog!


2 thoughts on “First they came ….

  1. Thanks Nicola, for the clarity and rationality that sets this post apart and gives it a true ability to inspire along with imparting the power to act on that inspiration. The truth is, of course, that our reality is only our reality by our consent. We change it from within. Even acting alone we can change it for ourselves. When many act together, the general, consensual reality can be changed. Fighting against, without the personal power that comes from a strong sense of direction rarely succeeds, and if it does, gives rise to nothing better. To positively identify where it is we want to be and then working for that, rather than aimlessly against perceived obstacles is invariably a more successful endeavor.

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