Do markets still have their pulling power for businesses?

Small Business Saturday is always a busy time of the year for small and growing businesses.  However, this year I focused on markets and the opportunities they present for small and growing businesses today.

Over the past few year, popups and boutique markets are part of the lexicon we use for the opportunities ‘market’ type events provide small and growing businesses today!

But the question is; how beneficial are ‘markets’ in today’s economy?

This year I visited Greenwich WinterTime Festival – a month-long outdoor event at Greenwich Royal Old Naval College Within the festival there are pods for small and growing businesses to sell and promote their business.

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The business owners opt to trade over the entire event or are provided with flexible options over the course of the month.

greenwich-wintertime-festival--1542842016-300x300As this is a new festival, with no track record, the emphasis has been focused on bringing quality and exclusive businesses on board with a strong business identity online.  Whether they have high street presence or utilse online portals like ETSY, the aim is to bring the online experience to real life, as well as to provide fans and soon to fan the opportunity to sample, touch and feel these bespoke products.

After the first few days of trading, many of the businesses felt that they made back their money they spent on their pods – which is great.  However, one observation is that many of these businesses see markets and pop-ups as supplementary revenue-generating opportunities and not a main source of income.

The businesses that go down this route also see this as part of their marketing and promotion.

The correct markets, pop-ups, and festivals allow many small businesses to test and receive customer feedback.





Take action!

Good Morning,

Sorry, I have been missing in action, but lack of organisation and in some instances – focus; meant that I neglected this little world I had created, to share all things I love.

However, I am back and aim to stay consistent.  Look out for a new post every Wednesday and Sunday.

This post is dedicated to all of those people who feel marginalised or unheard.  Please be persistent.

I read an article in the Guardian about a blind entrepreneur – Disability is uncomfortable she never saw her self as disabled, until the world pointed it out to her.

However, the world’s discomfort has made her a teacher to us all.  She is teaching us how we can include people with disabilities in our workforce.

I had two conversations yesterday about what is ‘normal’? On whose metrics are we measuring ‘normality’?

We are in exciting times and we need to embrace the changes that lay ahead.  So ask questions?  Investigate the views of others? It may not be correct based on your standards, but it will allow you to gain a perspective of the other person’s viewpoint.

Have a great day!

My name is Nicola and this is my blog!

#NicolaLovesLife Valentine’s Competition Time

My blog is called Marketing With Love; and although I celebrate the power of love everyday of the week, it would be remiss of me not to run a competition for Valentine’s Day.

arapinaIn partnership with Arapina I am offering one lucky winner the opportunity to receive a wonderful box of Arapina chocolates.

About Arapina Bakery

Arapina is a Healthy Lifestyle Bakery, with roots in reinvented Mediterranean recipes, offering delicious and guilt free products for a sophisticated clientele. We’ve mixed things up to create a range of delicious desserts that not only taste great but support today’s healthy lifestyles and dietary intolerances. We make decadent cakes and desserts from the best natural ingredients so you can enjoy scrumptious guilt free treats.

Terms and conditions:  You will need to collect your prize from Arapina:  8 Little Thames Walk, SE8 3FB, London, UK or you can pay for shipping


To enter it is simple:    Follow Arapina Bakery on any of their social media platforms and enter with your name and email address below.

Closing date:
Midnight 10th Feb 2017 GMT (Open to uk residents only)



Competition Time! #NicolaLovesLife

Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, Feliz Navidad, Mele Kalikimaka and all that wonderful stuff!
I invite you to enter my
#NicolaLovesLife ChristmasGiveaway


As Christmas day approaches, I reflect on the wonderful year and great businesses I have had the privilege to meet, represent and encountered. I know that Christmas is not always, peace, happiness, and light for all.  So in the spirit of sharing the joy I have received throughout the year,  I have pulled together a few of the amazing emerging brands I have encountered and am running a bumper Christmas Giveaway.  Worth over £230 with some of the most amazing premium and growing independent businesses.

  • The competition runs from 11th December – 17th December 2016, midnight GMT
  • One prize, one winner
  • NB:  This competition is open to UK Residents only.
  • No cash substitution



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The contents of the Arapina Guilt Free hamper includes:

  • 3 handmade & award winning Greek preserves
  • 2 varieties of free from or low in pasta from brands whom we share the same ethos and pathos with
  • 300g of organic whole coffee beans
  • 250g of our finest dried fruit and nuts
  • 300g in total of our decadent chocolates
  • A cute box of Organic Pink Himalayan Salt Rocks (Great for pinching into the fruit and nut mix!)
  • One re-usable jar of our crowd favourite pistachio protein ball mix (makes 2 and have fun making it by just adding coconut oil!)
  • One 750 ml bottle of Spartico sulphite free organic red wine

All encased  in a white metal cutout box totally re-usable and easy to lock!


Butterfly and the Bee


A selection of manmade preserves.  Flavours include:

  • Rasberry, Apricot & Citrus Zest
  • Sweet Orange, Honey, and Vanilla
  • Pear & Vanilla seed







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Puriskin Gift Set includes:


Toulou Organics Skincare


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The Toulou Organics Skincare gift pack will include:


To enter the competition, complete the form below:
  • The competition runs from 11th December – 17th December 2016, midnight GMT
  • One prize, one winner
  • NB:  This competition is open to UK Residents only.
  • No cash substitution


#NicolaLovesLife Competition

It is Christmas time and despite the fact that it is essentially a Christian holiday, celebrating the birth of Christ, it does not stop people from focusing on presents and food ….. etc.  This season can be a-lot  of pressure for individuals across the world.


I love Christmas.  For me, it is a time for family, love, reflection  and self-analysis.  That said, I cannot deny that this is not the same experience for everyone.  Some people do not have a family, others have lost someone at this time and so it is a sad reminder of their loss.  For others, they may have been made redundant or lost their jobs, and cannot afford to purchase some of the things they would like to.  Whatever the situation, this is not all laughter and joy.

thinkingSo this got me thinking, what can I do?

To myself: “Well, what if I went around to some of my clients and asked them to contribute to a massive Hamper giveaway?

How does that sound?

Well, I am super excited to share with you the prize.  It is amazing!  Worth over £200 which one lucky winner will takeaway.

I will be sharing the competition details with you on my Sunday post, which I hope you will find as pleasing as I do!

Can I be honest with you?

The reason I do this is because I know what it feels like when you believe that you have the trouble of the world is on your shoulders and no-one is there to help you.

I know what it is like when you feel alone and it is taking every ounce of strength to be positive and know that you will get through.

I know what it is like to just wish and pray that GOD, the Universe (whoever and whatever you believe in) would just give you a helping hand.

So I hope the competition puts a smile on someone’s face and helps them to realise that we live in a society where some people just care because we just care. Simple!

Anyway, enough of that.  Bookmark this blog to discover when the competition is launched.

NB:  This is a UK only competition because the postage internationally is no joke!  Next year, I will look at an International comp!

My personal final thoughts
Deep in thought
Deep in thought

I just want to take this opportunity to thank our clients who work with us at FP Comms.  Without you, I could not do this.

My name is Nicola and this is my blog!

To follow any activity on social #Nicolaloveslife




Restaurant Review: Little Social

Little Social,rest-1-1150x686  

5 Pollen Street, 





Since starting my business, the days of fancy restaurants and lunches only happen when it is a business expense or an invitation from a supplier.

So these Food Experiences that I share here, are well-earnt opportunities to review a slice of life, which happen through my eyes as an entrepreneur and emerging business woman.

I enjoy fine dining and beautiful environments, where the cleanliness of the toilet can make or break a venue for me. I am a queen of the starters, as it gives me the opportunity to try a variety of different dishes in one sitting, and I do like to order both tea and a cocktail at the same time.

Recently, I visited a wonderful restaurant just off Regent Street – Little Social.

Little Social, is a little hideaway in the heart of the West End which offers diners a delicate mix of elegantly plated but substantial dishes.

From the front of the building, it feels a little like a private members club, so it could be intimidating if you do not have a reservation.  However, as I was meeting someone there, I walked in and was shown my seat without any problems.  The staff was extremely friendly and although I was a little early, I felt very comfortable while waiting.

The restaurant is a narrow space, so I felt I was sharing a table with the guests besides me (it is not a venue for discrete conversation). That said the diners seemed comfortable and relaxed.

little-socialAfter my guest arrived, I ordered lobster.  I am a lifetime lover of seafood, so much so that I believe seafood is the only barrier between me and living a life as a vegetarian.

The cuisine is what I would call modern French with a UK twist.  So there was a lot to select from; for lovers of meat to vegetarians, I feel that there was something for everyone.  However, I opted for the lobster.

Now, because of the close proximity of us all sitting together, ordering lobster was not the best idea I had.  However, thankfully one of the waiters helped to shell it for me, just so I did not have a Pretty Woman – Julia Roberts moment and have shell flying across the restaurant.

The food was beautifully prepared and very delicious.  I came away completely content.  In regards to the bill, it was reasonably priced and I thought good value for money.

I would go back there again, not for a business meeting, but I would take clients there to enjoy good food and on a social jaunt.

My final personal thoughts
Deep in thought
Deep in thought

Hi, my name is Nicola and this is my blog.  I may be small in stature, but I have an appreciation for good food.  If you have any recommendations or ideas of foods I can try let me know.  If you want to get in touch, you can follow, subscribe or sign up.  I would love to have you join me on this journey.