The turning point for Bloggers

Today in London, on the day after the tragic fire at Grenfell Towers, we are already in the throes of speculation and recriminations.

However, in a time where ‘lessons are always learnt’ there is one area I want to cover – the power of the blog or Influencer, especially in this instance.

As the news broke, I became quickly aware of an article that was posted on the blog Grenfell Action Group, In addition, I have heard of a few other bloggers who posted articles to voice their concerns about the dangers that were looming.

I have always seen that the power of Influencers, across all sectors, as being very important within the landscape we live in today.  The curators of these platforms can provide an unfiltered voice to issues or businesses that are not seen as sexy or enticing to mainstream press.  But their independent voices and regular content can prove powerful.  Influencers can warn, educate, inform and entertain.

There are many nuances to be being a successful Influencer.  However, one of them is about writing about and serving your community.



Keep writing.  Consistently serve your core audience and keep being persistent.  Eventually, your tribe will grow.



Get involved in the conversation.


The reality about the relationship between Bloggers, Brands and Business

Well, today I did it, I attended my very first Blogger’s event and as a newbie to this environment and sector, I was both excited and nervous in equal measure.

Nicola and Charley Jai Copyright belongs to Charley Jai
Nicola and Charley Jai
Photo copyright belongs to Charley Jai

Although I have attended blogging events in the past (albeit representing brands), it was great to be on the other side of the table (so to speak).

My friend and blogging partner in blogging land, Charley Jai of The Real Talk UK Blog Site attended the #BloggerXmas event organised by SoeursdeLuxe

Received from Journolink at #Bloggerxmas 2016

For me, the event was a wonderful introduction into the world of blogging. What was even nicer for me, I was able to meet a few of the bloggers/vloggers etc I have worked with in the past through my company and it was such a joy to put a physical body to the videos and words.

I also got the opportunity meet a few of the organisations I have communicated with via my job; including Camilla from Journolink  – who I have exchanged many emails with, as well as Blogosphere Magazine’s Albertine and Alice. It was a real joy to meet them all and see how engaged and attentive they were as they spoke to Charley and me.  It was also great to pick up Naturelly and other great products from Journolink and the last issue of Blogosphere Magazine from Alice and Albertine.

My novice move

As a newbie blogger, (but someone who should know better), there was one novice move that I made. I should have grabbed a quick pic with Georgie Minter-Brown. I have personally worked with Georgie in the past, and although we finally met in person today for the first time, I neglected to grab a quick picture for this post.

I do not have to tell what I think about her, because the fact that we have worked together on a number of occasions, should tell you that I fundamentally really like her energy and spirit, and nothing changed on meeting her.



The event

However, with everything said, the main thing about this sector is the relationship between bloggers and brands. Here is my take on it.

The blogging/vlogging … space is a modern day eco-system of communication. Like with every system it has those who play by the rules, make and break the rules and of course just run ‘gun-shot’ through the rules. Whichever way you decide to play it, there is one absolute certainty; every link of the chain needs to be sustained, for the next link to survive.

If you are a blogger with the intention of attending events like this, with the expectation of receiving freebies and not giving anything in return; you have to recognise and accept the damage this mentality causes this sector. There are many emerging brands who see this as a viable way of marketing their business.  If within this blogging/vlogging economy, we can demonstrate that the value of working with bloggers goes beyond brand awareness and can help increase sales, we provide a healthier opportunity for brands to interact with us.

On the other side of the coin, Brands have to value and recognise the power of bloggers when it comes to increasing awareness to their brand. This means Brands need to get more involved with supporting bloggers’/vloggers’ … social media platforms, sharing and commenting on their content, being more proactive in supporting their growth too.

This sector, is definitely a circular economy – (A circular economy is an alternative to a traditional linear economy (make, use, dispose) in which we keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them whilst in use, then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of each service life). It is reliant on each element to play its part for success to be complete.


My personal final thoughts:


Deep in thought
Deep in thought

I loved the event and was really happy to spend time meeting other bloggers. Although I am not a beauty blogger and do not have any intentions of ever reviewing products, I did receive a goodie bag. And even though I will not be reviewing the products I received, I will place a list of products below with links to their sites for you to visit, learn more about and hopefully support and purchase.  Enjoy!



List of products in the goodie bag:  

Order of  products listed from top left to right